Playing Pokemon: Go at church isn’t a great idea, especially in Russia.

Russian blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky is in deep trouble after playing the popular mobile game in a Yekaterinburg church. Voactiv reports Sokolovsky is being detained for two months after being charged with “offending religious sensibilities, as well as with inciting hatred”.

It’s a seemingly unfair penalty. Sokolovsky posted himself playing the game on YouTube in a cathedral. He questioned the current ban on playing Pokemon Go in churches. The protest may cost him dearly, as he faces five years in prison. That’s insane.

Was it a smart idea to play Pokemon: Go in church? 100% not. It’s disrespectful to those who practice religion. But, is it a crime worthy of five years of jail time? Heck no. Sokolovsky is being unfairly punished for tapping on his phone in a place of worship. I can think of much, much worse crimes. Let’s remember, Russia has no problem handing down punishments for public disobeying of religion or president Vladimir Putin. Does Pussy Riot ring a bell?

The hashtag #FreeSokolovsky has been used in effort to free the Russian blogger. It’s not likely, but hopefully, Russia comes to their senses and gives him a warning and not a serious sentence for his Pokemon catching.


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