Zack Snyder’s long-awaited version of Justice League is coming to HBO Max on March 18th.

The film, a re-cut, re-shot version of the original Justice League (itself a Frankenstein-esque creation of Snyder and Joss Whedon, brought on for extensive reshoots), was a sort of holy grail for a certain segment of online fans, who spent years imagining that there was a “Snyder cut” sitting in a Warner Bros. storage facility somewhere.

That clearly wasn’t the case, as Snyder required a lot of time and money to complete this version of the film, which promises to have plenty of new content to justify the time and effort, as well as to draw in subscribers to the HBO Max service.

Among the new additions: Jared Leto playing the Joker, albeit one that looks a lot different from his Suicide Squad interpretation. The trailer dropped today, and if you’re curious about the look of the whole project it’s worth checking out. Leto’s appearance is at the end:

If you’re wondering why the changed appearance for Leto, well, Snyder himself doesn’t seem to have many answers:

But those seeking continuity may have questions: What happened since we last saw this Joker in Ayers’ film? Is there tattoo removal in the apocalypse? “I would say that there’s been some water under the bridge. Who knows what’s happened,” Snyder said. “I don’t know if he’s wearing makeup, I don’t know what’s happening. It’s hard to say exactly.”

The film is out March 18th, and will almost certainly be a huge topic of discourse.

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