Ever since it was announced, there were a lot of people asking whether or not Solo: A Star Wars Story needed to exist. Did we really need an entire movie dedicated to removing the mystique behind the rogueish Han Solo? Would we accept seeing another actor portraying the one Harrison Ford made iconic? Was this just going to be the beginning of a long series of Star Wars films that don’t learn the lessons of the prequels?

When the original directors were scrapped for Ron Howard, that either made you feel a lot better or a lot worse about the film’s prognosis. Regardless, as more footage has been revealed, it looks like there’s still a decent chance Solo could live up to one of its two reasons for existing.

The other of which is, of course, to be involved in a marketing tie-in with the Solo cups brand.

This corporate match made in heaven was foretold from the day someone greenlit (redlit?) the script for this film. In fact, according to Dorkly, the codename that Disney gave to the film in its early stages was “Red Cup.” Plus, let’s face it, Han Solo would have 100% been the guy in college who gambles on beer pong and sharks everyone out of their beer money.

Not wanting to miss out on this brief moment in time when the world “solo” will be uttered and searched for more than any other time in human history, the Solo brand is going all-out on their website, which might be mistaken as a site for the movie itself. They’re asking fans to join them in a SOLObration (woof) and giving away prize packs that include “various Solo Cup products, a t-shirt, two Fandango movie tickets, and additional products as determined by Sponsor and Disney in their own discretion.” So, probably just the three things.

Depending on how well Solo does at the cinema, who knows what other Star Wars marketing tie-ins on his magnitude we could be in for. If the film sparks enough interest in a Lando spin-off, you can be sure Land O’Lakes will be waiting on Line 1.


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