The NHL is hoping to put on one hell of a show for their NHL All-Star weekend. They already have performers like Snoop Dogg and John Legend committed to be a big part of it all. It looks like they are bringing back some classic hockey relics as well for the event.

If you’re a big Wayne’s World fan, you’re very familiar with Stan Mikita’s Donuts. Well, a real-life version is opening up in Los Angeles for the weekend, and you’re definitely going to want to be there. It was a play on the popular Tim Horton’s that are everywhere in Canada.

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Whenever nostalgia comes to life, people eat it up. Sports Illustrated and Entertainment Weekly are helping put it on for the NHL. SI actually had the chance to catch up with Mike Myers (Wayne Campbell) to talk about the diner and how it came to fruition:

“A lot of Wayne’s World is a transposing of my growing up in the suburbs of Toronto. One of the things that we would do is go to Tim Horton’s donuts out in Scarborough. It’s very flat and suburban. We needed a location for Wayne and Garth to hang out. We needed to [put the] people [in] the world, because it was in the basement on the TV show [Saturday Night Live]. We needed to have it be Wayne’s world, outside of the basement, so we thought Tim Horton’s, [but] because it was Chicago, [it] could be Stan Mikita.

As a kid, I remember there were certain teams and players that we liked to call defoliants, i.e., they would destroy the Leafs. Stan Mikita was one of those guys who seemed to always score a clutch goal against us. And he was a fantastic centerman. He’d often get a Gordie Howe hat trick—a goal, an assist and a fight. We just wished he played for the Leafs, basically. He said he’d allow us to use [his name and likeness] for Stan Mikita’s Donuts, and that he’d come down and be part of the film. I was humbled in his presence. I didn’t know what to say, because I get very star-struck around hockey players. It was just a fantastic experience.”

It’s fun to see actors and comedians follow sports so closely. Myers obviously cares deeply about hockey and its history. The fact that he incorporated this into one of his movies proves that. Hopefully more leagues try to put on something similar. The crossroads of pop culture and sports is always such a great sweet spot.


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