It should come as no surprise that Star Wars: The Force Awakens shattered box office records this weekend. The film was one of the most highly anticipated films in recent memory, and it did not disappoint.

Initially, the film’s worldwide opening was reportedly at $517 million, but even that astronomically high figure has gone up:

That number would put The Force Awakens over the top of Jurassic World, which earned $524.9 million in its worldwide opening. Domestically, The Force Awakens brought in an estimated $238 million, which also topped Jurassic World, which previously held the record at $208 million.

The biggest key in all of these numbers, is the fact that the movie has yet to open in China. That factor is huge, when you consider that Jurassic World generated over $99 million in China, although the popularity of the two series would surely vary.

Per Box Office Mojo, other records that the movie has broken include the largest Thursday previews, the largest Friday opening day, and the highest per theatre average, among plenty of other records. With such a wide ranging fanbase and years of anticipation over Episode VII, much of this was inevitable.

The film will not be done breaking records, as it will reap the benefits of releasing during the holiday season. It has a real chance of breaking Avatar’s record of worldwide lifetime total box office, at an incredible $2.78 billion.

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