Steve Buscemi as his own meme.

One of the more enduring memes out there is from Steve Buscemi’s inept private detective Lenny Wosniak in the “The Tuxedo Begins” 2012 episode of 30 Rock (seen at left above). There, Wosniak has a flashback to going “undercover” in high school as a 55-year-old, which did not work out well at all:

That meme’s since spread everywhere, and been used for everything you can think of. That includes a whole lot of Halloween costumes. And on Sunday, Buscemi brought it full circle by dressing as his own meme for trick-or-treaters in his neighborhood in Brooklyn (as seen at right above). Here’s more on that:

That’s just incredible. Apparently, this is one of many times Buscemi’s put on a good Halloween show:

But dressing as your own meme is an amazing flex. Well played.

[Top left photo from 30 Rock on YouTube; top right photo from @DebraWexler_ on Twitter]

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