Steve Harvey survived his Miss Universe snafu relatively unscathed, and remains a highly active television host and personality. And now, he’s eyeing what the future holds. According to a wide-ranging interview with The Hollywood Reporter, that includes becoming an organic food emperor.

Because when you think Steve Harvey, you think clean eating.

Via THR:

What’s the five-year plan?

I’m gonna have the biggest television production company in Hollywood. I’m gonna be producing more hits than any production company in the industry. And I’m going to own a huge organic food business. I’m going to help people reshape the way they eat. A doctor told me, “Steve, what you eat in your 40s we will diagnose in your 50s. What we diagnose in your 50s, we will treat you for in your 60s. Whatever we’re treating you for in your 60s, we will bury you for in your 70s.” It changed the way I ate.

So, on the surface, those are certainly the right sentiments, although it rings a bit hollow coming from a man whose current foray into the food business involves a bacon brand.

Fortunately, that’s addressed as well, along with how Harvey wants to be like Paul Newman, except for healthy things:

Do you want to open a market?

No, I’m gonna put the foods online and in all the brick-and-mortar stores — Kroger, Albertson’s, Wal-Mart. I’m going to probably sell my bacon business [Harvey Foods’ Easy Bacon, launched in 2015], because I’m gonna really go wholeheartedly at it. I’m going to to rival the success of Paul Newman.

Paul Newman’s salad dressings aren’t particularly healthy.

They just taste good! (Laughs.) I was meeting with a food company. They said, “You could be as successful as Paul Newman, except we’re having a little trouble right now. People are starting to read the labels. It’s fucking us.” (Laughs.) This is the people in the grocery business. They mad ’cause y’all started reading. I’m fuckin’ trying to live, asshole!

Hopefully this business venture has a longer shelf life than Harvey’s dating books, preservatives or no.


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