As if there was ever really any doubt.

Netflix’s Stranger Things has been one of the breakout television hits of the year. The 80’s Sci-Fi/horror homage ended it’s initial run with the fate of Millie Bobby Brown’s mysterious Eleven unknown. Because it’s 2016 and we’re all on the internet all day, we couldn’t just leave well enough alone and wait until the second season to find out if she did return (which we all knew she would). So perhaps in part because people wouldn’t let it be, TVLine reported Tuesday that Brown will indeed be back as Eleven.

Of course, who is to say how many episodes she’ll be in and whether or not she’ll still be the focus of the show. Executive producers Matt and Ross Duffer were pretty tight-lipped all summer about Eleven’s role in the future of the show. The casting of Sadie Sink as “Max,” a “tough and confident” young female whose “appearance, behavior and pursuits seem more typical of boys than of girls in this era” also seemed to imply she might be some kind of replacement character.

Set to return in 2017, what we know about the show’s second season so far is that it’s a year later (1984) and the story’s mythology is getting bigger. Details are scarce but we can expect to find out more about what’s going with Will and his creepy vomit monster as well as what in the hell the Upside Down actually is.

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