The reviews from the much anticipated Suicide Squad are coming in, and they’re not very good.

Suicide Squad reviews are so bad, in fact, one DC Comics fan is claiming Rotten Tomatoes is intentionally giving the film bad reviews. The fan, Abdullah Coldwater, has created a petition to shut the review website down. So far, it has over 10,000 signatures.

Coldwater claims Rotten Tomatoes gives the DC cinematic universe unjust reviews, despite them being “really great movies.” Here’s his call-to-action, chalked full of grammar errors.

We need this site to be shut down because It’s Critics always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews, Like

1- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016

2- Suicide Squad 2016

and that Affects people’s opinion even if it’s a really great movies

It appears Coldwater doesn’t know how Rotten Tomatoes operates. The website doesn’t review films themselves, instead opting to collect reviews from both top and amateur critics. Those reviews are then rated “fresh” or “rotten” and a percentage is created to represent the total number of ratings. Suicide Squad sports a 33 percent positive score. It’s not Rotten Tomatoes making that up out of thin air, but a collection of opinions about the film. Coldwater should petition critics to stop reviewing DC’s films if he doesn’t want bad review scores. Don’t shoot the messenger.

The sentiment that Rotten Tomatoes is out to get DC is silly. Are there critics who prefer Marvel movies and unfairly hold up DC’s grittier superhero films against them? Sure. But so far, the company hasn’t made a single good superhero movie. Perhaps, when they do, they’ll get a Rotten Tomatoes score which pleases the masses.

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