Apparently sick of reminiscing about his youthful days (sort of like his character in “Creed,” which you should totally see), Sylvester Stallone on Friday auctioned off loads of mementos from “Rocky” series.

As of this writing the auction is still ongoing, with the belt pictured above expected to fetch half a million dollars, according to ESPN’s Arash Markazi.

For the last few hours, Markazi’s Twitter feed has been an incredible hub of “Rocky” nostalgia and humongous price tags.

If you ask me, $32,500 for the rubber ball Rocky bounced throughout the first movie feels like a bargain. For less than one year of college tuition you can bother everyone you know by throwing the ball against the wall and talking like you have a mouth full of food.

Either Stallone is short on cash, despite what must have been a nice payout for “Creed,” or he’s really just sick of looking at all this old junk. Because really, what else is he going to do with a leather jacket with a tiger on the back?

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