In the Sylvester Stallone movie Demolition Man, Taco Bell is the last restauarant chain left and it’s where everyone who’s anyone goes for dinner.

The idea that Taco Bell becomes the kind of upscale restauarant that people get dressed up for, let valets park their cars, and eat fancy cuisine while a piano plays in the background was just too ludicrous in 1997 when the film was released.

In 2016, however, we’re inching closer and closer to realizing the screenwriters were actually precogs. Taco Bell has recently unveiled new designs for some of their restaurants that are meant to entice diners to spend more time inside.

These styles are a Mission Revival-esque architecture with white walls, tile and “heavy timbers,” a “rustic” modern look, an “urban edge” interior and a design dubbed California Sol that includes an expanded outdoor dining room. 

The remodels align with the company’s “social strategy,” Brand said. The chain hopes the designs will entice customers to stay for dinner, come in for breakfast or show up on weekends.

There’s no way that Taco Bell for dinner, followed by breakfast the next day and then all weekend long can be good for you. At least not until Demolition Man times, when the Yum Brands Inc. fast food chain has clearly hired at least a few good chefs.

We’ll know that the future is close when they start installing the three seashells in their bathrooms.

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