If you thought being a teenage girl was hard enough, imagine being a teenage girl with Russian spies for parents. Now that can be intense.

The Americans may be a show about a pair of Russian spies trying to infiltrate the United States government and hide their secret from their FBI neighbor. But it has also found a way to inject some teenage angst into the plot with Paige, the daughter of Russian spies, played by Holly Taylor.

Taylor’s character has grown to be an integral part of the plot of The Americans through the past four seasons, and it appears her role is going to get a little more intense in Season 5. A trailer for the upcoming season of the hit FX show gives us an early look at Paige undergoing training with her mother Elizabeth Jennings, played by Keri Russell.

Paige has been a fascinating character to watch grow up during the series’ four seasons. She has been smart enough to be suspicious of her parents’ odd schedules and behavior, but took a while to put enough pieces together to discover the truth behind the secret lives of her mom and dad.

Having to deal with the weight of her parents being Soviet spies has been quite the emotional burden. This isn’t just a teenage girl rebelling against her parents; it has been a teenage girl rebelling against her parents while dealing with the fact that she cannot tell anyone that her parents are spies groomed and planted by the Soviet Union with her neighbor across the street being associated with the FBI. To borrow a phrase from Marty McFly in Back to the Future, that’s heavy.

Now, Paige appears to be moving forward with following in her parents’ footsteps. Will she be doing so willingly or reluctantly? We’ll just have to wait and see and witness how she continues to deal with this stressful situation.

The Americans returns to air on March 7 on FX.


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