We love trailers here at The Comeback. Sometimes, they’re better than the movies or TV shows they’re intended to promote. We try to cover the best of them, big and small, in our coverage during any given week. But we can’t always get to all of them in a given week, which is why we try to pool them together in a one-stop shop for movie and TV anticipation.

The past week in trailers doesn’t have much in the way of new releases, though the D23 Expo in Anaheim provided a look at Ava DuVernay’s anticipated adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. Otherwise, we got some second and third trailers for upcoming films, some of which unfortunately don’t provide much new footage. But next week will likely be a whole lot different with Comic-Con happening in San Diego. If you’ve been waiting for some superhero blockbuster stuff, we’ll probably get it. Until then, we get another cinematic Winston Churchill and another look at young Mitch Rapp.

Here are the best trailers from the past seven days.

Darkest Hour – Nov. 22

We’ve already seen one Winston Churchill film earlier this year, with Brian Cox’s portrayal of the British Prime Minister during the lead-up to D-Day in Churchill. Darkest Hour covers a different part of Churchill’s life, before he was Prime Minister, when he was considering negotiating a peace treaty with Nazi Germany versus continuing to fight.

Gary Oldman plays Churchill in this story, with Kristen Scott Thomas playing his wife, Clementine, and Ben Mendelsohn portraying King George VI. Director Joe Wright took on a war movie previously with 2007’s Atonement. Maybe he’ll earn some awards consideration this time around.

The Dark Tower – Aug. 4

For a movie that’s coming out in just a few weeks, we haven’t seen much on The Dark Tower, other than the first trailer that was released in early May. This new trailer, for international audiences, doesn’t provide a whole lot of new footage to enjoy. There’s not quite as much six-shooter porn from Gunslinger Idris Elba as the first preview featured. But we do get a little more of Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black, particularly an inkling that maybe he’s not just a cool fella who loves doing evil things, but can go a little bit nuts when pushed to that point.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of fast-cutting footage here that really doesn’t do much to offer more insight or explanation. We’ll just see the movie now, thank you.

The Tick – Aug. 25


As you know (and either like or don’t like), superheroes are a huge part of pop culture these days. We may be at a point of superhero fatigue, depending on who you talk to. That probably makes a superhero spoof perfectly timed.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen The Tick and the character’s distinct brand of buffoonery. But after an ahead-of-its-time cartoon and a short-lived live-action series that didn’t get much support from Fox, Amazon is back with a third try at bringing Ben Edlund’s creation to the screen. A streaming outlet is probably the best place for a series like this, and based on this trailer, The Tick could be as funny as its fans expect.

Ozark – July 21

Jason Bateman can do so much more than play the smarmy smartass in a comedy, though he’s very, very good at that. (And in Arrested Development, he was the one normal guy surrounded by absurdity and chaos.) Bateman has often been surprising and impressive in dramas, but hasn’t always gotten the chance to show off those skills. Netflix’s Ozark appears to be the opportunity he needs to display more of his acting arsenal.

Bateman plays a financial adviser who’s been laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. When his partner is caught, he’s guilty by association and tries to start over again with his family in the Ozarks. But he’s not done with drug laundering.

Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers – Sept. 1

If you haven’t seen Goon, it’s one of the most underrated and overlooked sports movies of recent years. Even if you’re not a hockey fan, the story of Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) finally finding something he’s good at — being the enforcer on a hockey team — and the wacky characters that surround him in this absurd world is an enjoyable one to follow. Naturally, you’ll probably enjoy it even more if you’re a hockey fan because it gets the culture of a hockey team and hockey fandom so well.

Goon: Last of the Enforcers has already been released in Canada, but picks up where the first film left off and brings the whole gang back. Glatt is an established enforcer now, but finally meets his match in Wyatt Russell’s Anders Cain. It’s like a Rocky movie on skates!

American Assassin – Sept. 15

American Assassin has gotten quite a few trailers, between domestic and international previews. (I saw a different one than this before the showing of The Big Sick I watched this past weekend.) This latest one, which is apparently the second official trailer, opens with a different angle, showing Dylan O’Brien’s Mitch Rapp in a virtual reality training sequence narrated by Michael Keaton’s CIA trainer, Stan Hurley.

But the origin story of the operative made famous in Vince Flynn’s novels does present an opportunity to show a Jason Bourne-type being trained, rather than already in the field. The CGI footage of aircraft carriers being destroyed (by an underwater bomb?) is a bit of a concern, however. Let’s just see Rapp shoot people.

The Glass Castle – Aug. 11

The first trailer for The Glass Castle looked like a different version of last year’s Captain Fantastic, with Woody Harrelson as the patriarch of a family who refuses to play by society’s rules and may be inadequately preparing his children for the real world in the process. But Jeannette Walls’ source memoir takes an entirely different angle on that premise (not to mention predates Captain Fantastic by more than 10 years), depicting the author’s attempt to distance herself from her family and beginning a successful career as a journalist in New York.

Harrelson is having quite a year with Wilson and War for the Planet of the Apes. Playing Walls, Brie Larson might have the showcase that’s eluded her since she won the Best Actress Oscar last year.

A Wrinkle in Time – March 9

This might be the most fun trailer release, debuting at the D23 Expo in Anaheim over the weekend. Coming off directing Selma and 13th, Ava DuVernay has been eyeing a big-budget showcase. Marvel had conversations with her about directing Black Panther (and perhaps Captain Marvel as well), but based on the trailer for A Wrinkle in Time, it appears that DuVernay found something more personal, despite its epic sci-fi story and setting.

Based on the acclaimed sci-fi novel by Madeleine L’Engle, the story follows a group of kids who travel time and visit strange worlds in order to find their father (Chris Pine), who has discovered something akin to a wormhole. What might make this stand out isn’t just Oprah’s magnificent hair and make-up, but DuVernay casting a non-white actor, Stone Reid, in the lead role of Meg Murry.

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