Bengt Holmström, an economist from Finland, was named this year’s recipient of the Nobel Prize in economic sciences. That may not mean all too much ot the common person, but fans of The Simpsons should have seen this coming six years ago. You see, The Simpsons can claim one more joke to be worthy of telling the future.

In an episode aired back in 2010, Bart Simpson’s best friend Milhouse had Holmström as his economics Nobel winner in a betting pool with Lisa Simpson, Martin and Database. After Holmström won the Nobel Prize, MIT tweeted out an image of the betting pool from that 2010 episode, titled “Elementary School Musical.”

It would appear Milhouse is a bit of a Nostradamus when it comes to the Nobel Prize. You see, this is the second time Milhouse has picked an eventual Nobel Prize winner! Milhouse also picked W.E. Moerner for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Moerner won the award in 2014.

So, there is reason for Vers Rubin and Umberto Eco to be optimistic about their chances in the coming years, it would seem.

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