Sports and fashion are two explosive worlds that have increasingly embraced one another with each passing week. The blossoming romance is akin to the unbreakable bond between Tomax and Xamot. They go hand in hand. It works for the players, it works for the brands, and most of the time it even works for the fans.

What true naturals like Joe Namath sparked simply by going with their instincts has evolved into a giant publicity spectacle, which often leads to various endorsements from brands looking to move that all-important needle. And that’s when things inevitably snowball into an attention-forced abyss, like the time Russell Westbrook oddly decided to look like this, or when Clyde Frazier recently opted to wear creepy, unsettling cobras on his feet.

So much going on here and once again I can’t take my eyes off of Clyde’s wonderful feet sweaters because, well, they feature cobra heads. Would we have it any other way? No, we would not. But anyway, this is what I would to call a proper tone-setter. The man is a national treasure. And if you haven’t embraced that notion by now, you got some puzzling problems, man.


Clyde Frazier

Once again, Clyde’s suit is screaming “I’d rather be in South Beach” and I’m hardly here to judge, especially since I’ve taken in my share of Knicks games this season. #PrayForClyde #PrayForEveryone


Clyde Frazier, AGAIN

I’ve gone full Clyde this week because why the hell not? At this point, I’m not even sure this amazing human being is an actual person. The Bold & The Beautiful was absolutely created with Clyde Frazier in mind. What a hero.


Don Cherry

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed Don Cherry in any kind of public setting looking so casual. And really, it’s for a damn good cause. So cheers, brutha.


Russell Westbrook

Allow me to repeat: “Russell Westbrook honored Avon Barksdale by rocking an ‘Above the Rim’ throwback jersey.” Ha! I’m not even sure to what to say at this point; this dude is equal parts fascinating, dumbfounding, and amazing. You really can’t say that about too many people.


Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen

Obviously not a recent photo, but Complex tweeted it this week — so that makes it recent. And boy, does that look like fun. Have you ever seen Michael Jordan so happy? Must’ve had a great night at the tables.


Chris Berman

You know what? Chris Berman looks great here. No sweat spewing from his forehead and he genuinely looks at peace with himself. A true rarity. It’s actually somewhat refreshing to see him not look like an absolute dumpster fire.


Jim Nantz

Jim Nantz is an unpredictable, wild party animal that must be controlled.


LeBron James & James Harden

Duuuuuuuuude. This is just creepy. Let’s move right along now, please.


Steph Curry

The spectacle that is Steph Curry is just a fascinating study. Whoever thought LeBron would be ousted from the throne so abruptly? Under Armour is the happiest brand in the entire WORLD right now. Additionally, and possibly of more significance, is that WWE’s Virgil to Steph’s right? I sure as hell hope so.


Cam Newton & Rob Gronkowski

Is Cam Newton channeling his first day of school here? Good lord, man. Take a break. You need one. Gronk, however, is completely on point because he’s GRONK, and — hate it or love it — that’s just how it works.


Caylin Newton?

Yeah. Apparently Cam Newton has a brother who is somehow not Will Smith’s brother. #TheMoreYouKnow

Will Smith The More You Know


Jeff Van Gundy

Ladies and gentleman, the doctor of style, Mr. Jeff Van Gundy! Actually, in all honesty, I would say JVG looks pretty spiffy here, had it not been for the glasses that make him look like he’s at the very least, 50% bird.


Jeff Van Gundy & Mike Breen

But just like that, he TOTALLY redeems himself! These two dudes genuinely seem to enjoy their jobs, so I will do my best not to mention the problematic, disproportionate stitching, particularly on JVG’s jersey.


Don Cherry, AGAIN

Gotta be completely honest here: Love the cause, absolutely despise “casual Don Cherry.”


Kevin Durant

I have but one question: What in the living HELL are these? “Premium Floral.” Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.


Kevin Love

Is Kevin Love kidding us with this tweet? Stay tuned. That’s one hell of a teaser. I simply cannot wait and need to know more NOW.


Kevin Love, AGAIN

Well, we’ve stayed tuned and I think I speak for everyone when I say we are NOT impressed.


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