Silicon Valley star and comedian T.J. Miller was arrested on Friday for hitting his Uber driver after getting into an argument about Donald Trump. Making things even more interesting/awkward was the fact that Miller was set to host the Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica on Sunday night.

At first it seemed like the comedian would bring the issue up during his open of the awards show, but then he did what he does best: make jokes (starting at 1:39).

“Before we start, we need to address… before we start yeah we need to address the elephant in the room I think that’s important between the news all weekend and it’s really affected me… the election was definitely hacked by the Russians,” Miller said. 

“So luckily yeah, yes that’s exactly right. But luckily we’re doing an awards show here in an airplane hanger in Santa Monica. So we’re safe! What are they gunna hack the teleprompter? Why would they? Vladimir Putin has the strength of nine bears.”

Miller didn’t just completely avoid talking about his arrest, but he then went on to joke about Russia’s leader in a way only he can, while also teasing everyone he’d talk about his arrest:

“He’s a great leader and we should all submit to Russia. Damn it. I guess they can. Scroll up scroll up scroll up! Okay. Let’s talk about the real elephant in the room. Everyone’s been asking me about it all weekend,” Miller went on. “Yes, okay yes, it is the 31st anniversary of Chorus Line on Broadway.”

Before the event, Miller warned us he would be talking about these various elephants:

He got us good.

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