It’s safe to say Kellyanne Conway probably doesn’t have a career in comedy after her White House term.

Conway has made the rounds in support of President Donald Trump as campaign manager, an advisor, and now, a counselor to Trump. With her increased profile, Conway’s past has drawn attention from the general public.

Unfortunately for Conway, video of her performing an 11-minute stand-up routine at a charity event has been unearthed and good Lord, is it cringe-inducing. For our viewers’ sake, I’ve condensed the 11-minute video into a lowlight reel. Warning: It’s terrible.

Yikes. Jokes about a Fred Thompson sex fetish? A joke about children getting beat with the punchline being the Washington Redskins? These are not jokes, but sad attempts at making people laugh.

Whether you admire or hate her, Conway’s done a masterful job spinning Trump’s scandals and pure falsehoods. She’s a pro at her job. But, when you factor in her comedy skills, it puts her in a totally different light. Hopefully, this was her one and only stand-up attempt and more video doesn’t eventually emerge. I don’t even want to know how she’d joke about Trump and his scandals. Woof.

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