Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit victory over Gawker Media is one of the biggest stories of 2016, and also apparently one ripe for lampooning.

The new NBC show Maya & Marty, starring Saturday Night Live alums Maya Rudolph and Martin Short, took a crack at parodying the saga at its inception — the infamous Hogan sex tape — with a casting call for the next season of FX’s American Crime Story.

Short is fantastic as David Schwimmer, and Eva Longoria has a nice cameo as Rosie Perez, but the real star of the sketch is John Cena as Hulk Hogan himself.

Cena had a nice SNL cameo awhile back and has shown up in movies like Trainwrecked and Sisters. Now, with this sketch appearance under his belt, we might be seeing Cena in a bigger comedic role sometime soon. His Hogan impression was pretty spot on, so who knows? Actually hosting SNL could be around the corner.

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