Arguably one of the great movie buddy tandems in recent years was Bill Hader and LeBron James in last year’s comedy Trainwreck. Hader played a sports doctor whose best friend is the Cleveland Cavaliers star, and the two made a rather convincing pair of friends on screen.

So Hader must have been really happy for his best buddy LeBron when the Cavs won the NBA championship on Sunday, right? Well… he wasn’t unhappy. It’s just that Hader wasn’t exactly paying attention to the game, as he revealed during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night.

What a one-two punch of buzzkill. Not only are Hader and LeBron not really friends (maybe we should have figured that out when he wasn’t in the Cavs’ locker room or in Cleveland for the championship parade), but he’s not a sports fan. So that must have been a little bit annoying when he kept getting text messages celebrating the Cavs’ big win while watching a documentary.

Hader may as well have revealed that there’s no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny either. C’mon, man. What are you doin’ out there, man? We all have friends who aren’t sports fans, but they kind of like to know what’s going on, just to keep up on conversation, right? Are you telling us that LeBron has to watch Downton Abbey alone?

Why won’t you visit LeBron in Cleveland, Bill Hader? It’s great for the family and just like Miami. Don’t you miss your best friend’s deadpan innocence? Maybe now that he’s won a championship for that city, you can stop by, say hello and let the good people compliment you on your Hillary Clinton impersonation. You and LeBron can also continue to give us more great moments such as these.

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