Odd celebrity commercials will never get old and the fact that Drake is getting involved makes it a viral sensation.

In a commercial released by Apple in April, we see Taylor Swift listening to Drake then falling off of a treadmill:

The tagline they decided to use is “distractingly good”. The one starring Swift was corny, yet fun.

Well, Apple decided to take it to the next level with Drake singing some Swift. He aligns himself as a big softy and wouldn’t ever be confused as one of the “bad boys” of rap. Nonetheless, the juxtaposition in the video is amazing:

“Bad Blood” is one of the biggest guilty pleasure songs of the past five years. You want to hate Swift, but unfortunately for you and your ears, you can’t stop singing her catchy songs. It doesn’t get better than Drake trying to be “hard” in front of his trainer and letting loose when he isn’t around. That is how everyone reacts when they hear any of her songs; it becomes a sing-along in no time.

While the tagline may come off as dumb at first, showing off that even the biggest stars in music can get lost in someone else’s music is a great way to put yourself out to the general public.


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