The Night Of is the latest hit drama series from HBO, and one of the major parts of the story has been surprising.

The show follows opposite sides of the criminal justice system, focusing on Naz Khan, a college student who is accused of murder and John Stone, a lawyer who takes on Naz’s highly publicized case despite his modest background. So far, the series has been excellent.

But as we’ve noted previously, John Stone’s feet have become a significant point for his character in the series. Stone has eczema. It’s brought up frequently, as the references to the skin issue increase in each episode. I’ve compiled a list of all the references to eczema throughout The Night Of and tallied the total time.

From my own calculations, The Night Of has referenced eczema for 301 seconds total throughout the first three episodes. That’s slightly more than six full minutes. Episode three more than doubled the previous eczema mentions in the first two episodes, spanning 214 seconds total — more than three and a half minutes. The Night Of has used John Turturro’s character to show how affecting eczema can be. After just three episodes, the message is clear: the condition can be both frustrating and debilitating.

The question remains, how many more eczema references will we get in this series with five episodes remaining? Will there be a full episode dedicated to John Stone’s feet? Will Stone find a solution to his problem? It’s hard to say, but The Night Of isn’t done using eczema as a major character point. We’ll continue to monitor the show and report future findings.

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