Jerry Seinfeld will have a difficult time topping season seven of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee in terms of guests. But the comedian is back with his fancy cars, upscale coffee, lunch spots, and fellow humorists for a new season beginning June 16.

Last December, just before the New Year, President Barack Obama was Seinfeld’s first guest on his web series. Season seven also included Garry Shandling (now a bittersweet viewing experience after his death), Will Ferrell and the legendary Steve Martin. Does season eight’s lineup match up? Obviously, it’s hard to top the president. But Seinfeld does have a strong set of guests for his new batch of six episodes.

Guests for season eight of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee include Jim Gaffigan, John Oliver, J.B. Smoove, Margaret Cho, Judd Apatow and Lorne Michaels. (Just imagine if Marc Maron hadn’t gotten Michaels for his WTF podcast prior to this. Maron could have gotten a whole show out of that self-doubt. Of course, Jerry Seinfeld has a lot more pull than Maron.) It’s not known in which order the show will roll out those guests, but Michaels seems like a good guess for the season finale.

Check out the trailer for season eight of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:

The trailer provides little to go on with under two minutes of content, but the John Oliver episode certainly looks promising. Judd Apatow probably had the best line, about fancy cars making him feel uncomfortable “because I don’t feel sexy.” (And he gets at least one shot in at favorite target Bill Cosby.)

But joke-for-joke, minute-by-minute, the best episode will probably be Jim Gaffigan, right? Especially once they get to the food part. Gaffigan makes it so easy to overlook him. Sorry, Jim.

Season eight of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee premieres next Thursday, June 16 at Crackle.

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