Yes folks, there really is an entire Heavy Metal band dedicated to the iconic Simpsons character Ned Flanders.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Now let us introduce you to the band named Okilly Dokilly (get it), who all sport dark-green sweaters, a pink collared shirt, bushy mustaches, and dorky glasses. They also put out a demo last year that was all about quoting famous lines of Ned Flanders in the styles of screamo, acoustic hard rock and stoner rock.

Lest you thought that it would be a one-off joke of a band…they are back in 2016 with their first-ever music video and have dropped their debut full album (which can be purchased on iTunes).

Up first from the album is a screamo-inspired ditty called “White Wine Spritzer,” which you guessed it, is a homage to the drink that mixes white wine and sparkling water. It was also part of a line of Ned’s when he and Homer went to Las Vegas and wound up getting married to a couple waitresses. I’m assuming this was Ned’s first drink since having a blackberry schnapps and calling Ann Landers a “boring old biddy.”















So, without further ado…here is Okilly Dokilly’s debut music video:

It’s a music video featured copious amounts of white wine spritzer drinking, room destroying and beating someone up for not drinking a white wine spritzer.

Clearly these guys are taking their love for Ned Flanders to a serious level no one thought possible.

Big ups on the commitment to character, but we’re seriously scared to poke around inside the minds of this band. It has to take some serious out-there thinking to come up with this concept, let alone execute it and take yourselves seriously.

We’re just more curious if the so-called “Nedal” brand of music will take off on the national and international music scene.

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