Comic-Con delivered some huge trailers for superhero fans, including an action-packed Wonder Woman trailer and a Justice League trailer which renewed hopes for those who saw the rather disappointing Batman vs. Superman offering. While both of those trailers were exciting and full of optimism, perhaps the best comes from the new LEGO Batman movie which combines Will Arnett as Batman and Michael Cera as Robin.

There have been a few other teasers released for LEGO Batman, but this one offers the first real look at the expanded world beyond Arnett’s portrayal as Batman. Cera might not have been anyone’s first choice to voice Robin, but it’s hard to argue against the selection after watching him lend his perfect awkwardness to the role.

Like the LEGO Movie, LEGO Batman looks like it will be a conscience, sharp take on the DC universe. Even the simple line of “Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic” strikes deeper than anything presented in Batman vs. Superman. It’s already refreshing to see a quick – though unsettling – explanation for Robin’s costume and his lack of pants.

LEGO Batman may not receive the same buzz as some of the other big superhero blockbusters, but perhaps it should based on the immense quality of the LEGO Movie and the unique perspective already shown in the trailers.

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