If you’re a fan of Key & Peele, you know that the duo could get pretty dark with some of their sketches. That was especially true in season four. “Make-A-Wish” is a darker skit that comes to mind, along with “Aerobics Meltdown.”

With that kind of talent for finding the creepy in comedy, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that one half of the comedy duo might be interested in trying his hand at horror. Actually, Jordan Peele has done more than try. He’s written and directed a horror film for Blumhouse Productions, the creative force behind the “Paranormal Activity” and “Insidious” movie series.

Get Out is about an interracial couple going to visit the woman’s parents. The parents (played by Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener) don’t have a problem with their white daughter (Allison Williams) dating a black man (Daniel Kaluyya). But something very strange is going on with the black people in that suburban community. Take a look at the trailer:

What is going on with those white people? And for that matter, what’s happened to all the black people? Was that crazy guy warning our hero to get out or was he trying to protect the white people that seemingly control him? Oh, and don’t trust anyone who says they can cure you through hypnosis, right? Especially when you’re in a horror movie.

As you can see, Peele isn’t playing this for laughs. No, sir. He will not be kept in the comedy corner. Though any good horror movie should have some laughs to break the tension at times, and a writer as sharp as Peele surely knows that.

Get Out will hit theaters on Feb. 24, 2017. (This seems like it would’ve been a fun Valentine’s Day weekend release, but Fifty Shades Darker planted its flag in that territory.)

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