As the superhero movie revolution has taken over geek fandom and Hollywood, Saturday has become the day for big reveals from Marvel and DC Comics at San Diego Comic-Con. This year’s edition hasn’t been a disappointment in that regard.

With the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies set to hit theaters next year, the expectation was that Warner Brothers and DC Films would have some fun stuff to show fans in Hall H and subsequently release online. Fortunately, DC did not let the fans down, rolling out the first trailer for Wonder Woman and a teaser for Justice League.

Here’s that Wonder Woman trailer:

We got a first look at the character (played by Gal Gadot) in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But just as Bruce Wayne/Batman was learning about this new face in a world that was suddenly opening itself up to superheroes, Wonder Woman’s introduction didn’t give us a whole lot of information.

But the new trailer includes just about everything you could ask for in a Wonder Woman movie. We’re introduced to Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who somehow discovers the world of Amazons and is the first man that Diana ever encounters. And from there, the film directed by Patty Jenkins appears to become an all-out war movie, as the Amazon warrior becomes involved in World War I. Jenkins provides some powerful, comic book-type imagery of the character in battle.


Most importantly, however, Wonder Woman is established as a strong feminist icon. Diana telling Trevor “what I do is not up to you” is sure to become a line enthusiastically embraced by fans. But that message is also served with some comedy, with Diana meeting Trevor’s secretary Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) and letting her know that women don’t always have to be subservient to men. Seeing some fun in these movies is entirely welcome.

Some fans might not care for the slow-motion used in the fight scenes, fearing a heavy Zack Snyder influence. But a glimpse of Wonder Woman’s famous magic lasso in action should ease those reservations. And the trailer ends on the right note with the theme music introduced in Batman v Superman.

Wonder Woman is set for a June 2, 2017 release.

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