Believe it or not, it’s been over a year since the final episode of Westworld’s first season on HBO. We knew it was going to be a while until the second season came calling, but now we know exactly when we’ll see it.

During the Super Bowl, HBO released a commercial for the sci-fi/western drama that promised a return in April. They also released a longer, more violent trailer online.

All your friends are back and they’re still shooting the hell out of one another.

We had already seen some of the footage when HBO released a teaser during Comic-Con. Now we get a better sense of what we might be in store for as Maeve (Thandie Newton) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) unleash hell on their makers.

We do see plenty of familiar faces, including Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), who appears with a disturbing-looking, in-development host walking behind him. Later on, there’s a quick shot of that host slamming him into a machine, so that may not end well.

We also see Clementine, the Native Americans tribe, and The Man in Black, who is certainly getting what he wished for in the first season.

One person that we don’t see is Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). While those who watched the final episode of the first season understand a good reason for that, there has still been a lot of conjecture on whether or not we might still see him again. Only one way to find out and we’ll have to wait until April for that.

Hopefully, he’ll show up with some of those kick-ass samurais…

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