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Everyone has that one word they get hung up when trying to write or type out. It’s the one word that will always get misspelled or that autocorrect just knows you get wrong and fixes for you these days.

But, apparently each and every one of the 50 states in the United States of America has a word that is more difficult than any other. The fine folks at Google (because no one wants to get on their bad side) have come up with a map to tell us what word each state struggles the most with.

According to the Google Trends Twitter account, a simple data grab of the “how to spell…” searches came up with these results:

Those were the results back in May of this year, when it was #SpellingBee time. You know, the time where people just love to be reminded that they can’t spell simple words while a bunch of kids spell words most people have never heard of and can’t pronounce, let alone actually spell out.

As for the search results? Who doesn’t love to know that California has a struggle with the word “desert”? I mean, Indiana not getting that makes total sense, but California actually has some desert to it.

Perhaps the most sad result? The people of the state of Massachusetts not being able to spell the name of the state they freaking live in. Seriously?

Four states can’t figure out how to spell canceled and another two added to California and Indiana can’t spell desert (likely as opposed to dessert).

So, the next time you Google “how to spell” something, remember that it reflects not just on you but on your state. Pressure is on.

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