Wheel of Fortune contestant Tavares had an outrageous guess to a puzzle Thursday CREDIT: Wheel of Fortune

Since the show’s debut in January 1975, Wheel of Fortune has been a staple of American television.

In that time, there have also been plenty of blunders and bloopers when it comes to trying to solve one of the game’s word puzzles.

Thursday night, we were treated to yet another example of this.

With a category of ‘Phrase” in one of the Toss Up rounds, contestant Tavares took a chance to solve the puzzle and… unfortunately was a bit off track.

“Right in the butt?” Tavares guessed. The audience reacted with a mix of gasps and laughter as even host Pat Sajak had to take a moment to gather himself before telling Tavares, “No.”

There are a couple of problems with Tavares’ guess. Firstly, Wheel of Fortune probably wouldn’t be the type of show to have such an edgy response. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, “right” has five letters, not four.

This may end up being the final viral Wheel moment for Sajak, who is retiring on June 7 to conclude a 43-year run as the host of the iconic game show. He’ll be replaced by former American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who will debut when the show returns from summer break in September.

The answer to the puzzle was “This is the best!” which is also an accurate description of the clip itself.