Saturday Night Live alum Will Ferrell made a living off his George W. Bush impression. Now he appears to be getting ready to take on the role of another well-known Republican president.

According to a report from Variety, a new movie titled “Reagan” will focus on the life of Ronald Reagan shortly after the start of his second term in the White House, at which time he started to battle dementia. The plot overview details how a White House intern must take on the job of routinely reminding the Commander in Chief he is an actor taking on the role of the president in a movie. Well, that sounds rather tasteful, no? Furthermore, Ferrell is being tabbed as the man for the job of portraying the former president.

Perhaps we’ll have to wait and see how this all comes together. There is no question the secret life of Reagan behind closed doors during his second term in office would be amazing to see brought to life in some form. A script for “Reagan” was included in a recent list of unproduced scripts in Hollywood and quickly gained some positive feedback. That prompted a live read, which was done with Lena Dunham and John Cho with Josh Brolin reading as Reagan. Ferrell has since hopped on board to produce the film but there is currently no director in line. This ultimately may not come together but Ferrell’s involvement does bolster the film’s viability although you wonder if Ferrell’s career could suffer a blow if the film upsets conservatives (a likely outcome you’d imagine).

It’s just a shame Phil Hartman is no longer with us these days. The former SNL star did a solid Reagan.



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