VANCOUVER, BC – FEBRUARY 28: Actor William Shatner speaks during the Closing Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics at BC Place on February 28, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

William Shatner is known for his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, but more recently, he has been known for his unwavering Dancing with the Stars fandom. Being a major-ish celebrity, he has some weight behind his name and he uses it on Twitter to influence the show’s voting.

(Yes, this is the weirdest lede anyone can write in the year of our lord two-thousand and seventeen.)

His most recent target has been Nick Viall, the most recent contestant on The Bachelor and current cast member on DWTS.

I’m here to tell Shatner to buzz off and leave Nick alone. I’m not sure if Shatner realizes this as a Canadian, but we live in a democracy here in America, and people love Mr. Viall, including myself.

Sure, the most recent season of The Bachelor may have not been the most riveting season. Viall was looking for love after getting tossed around on a few seasons of The Bachelorette. If anything, this should make him more endearing, especially as he has (supposedly) finally found love.

What the hell? Didn’t Shatner participate in an anti-bullying campaign? Why not focus on Charo? Too many questions and not enough answers.

Shatner, like many elderly people, is a huge fan of DWTS, which is understandable. The show is so earnest in it’s approach and it really doesn’t try to be anything more than it is. Add in culturally relevant or formerly culturally relevant stars, and you get a steady fan base that returns week after week. Not to mention the fact that the show is almost always on the air, so people know when and where to find it.

So why here and why now is Shatner trying to throw down? Maybe he is bored and just wants to start a riff with someone. That is one of the biggest exports on Twitter. Celebrity or pseudo celebrity beef is entertaining to watch and surely he feels that he has found a willing combatant.

He hasn’t though, as Viall responded to Shatner and has shown that he is even more sensitive than what we have seen on The Bachelor.

He wants no part of this, and that is why I’m here as the peacemaker. Shatner needs to back down and apologize. We don’t need this senseless fighting! As the nation is divided, other parts of the nation should come together. They should come together to vote off Charo.

She doesn’t need this. She has had a great career as a singer. Let Viall continue his weird reality show career.

This post may be a cover to talk about my random hate of Charo. I mean, seriously, she put up one of the lowest scores of the night with a 21/40. How can we take her seriously? Her singing is subpar. Are we really going to let this stand?

Alternatively, this is just a reality show that feels like it has real stakes. It doesn’t, and minimal money is made compared to what many do outside of the show. Maybe Shatner should just chill out a bit.

Quit throwing your Twitter fame around to try and get someone thrown off the show. Let the fifteen minutes of fame continue for just a few more minutes.

It’s tough to be better than a Twitter scuffle when this is on your entertainment resume.

Everyone has their blind spots when it comes to criticism. Casting the first stone in a no-win situation puts you in the middle of potential friendly fire.

Why should any of us throw shade at others in the spotlight? We only come out with egg on our face. Set your phasers to stun, William – it’s a better look for you.

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