A Madison, WI man cherishes his action figures, perhaps a bit too much.

Madison PD arrested the man on “domestic related charges of disorderly conduct and damage to property” after he took an ax to items including the family car, television, television stand, and laptop. The man believed his wife damaged his “prized” action figures.

He reportedly even called 911 himself on Sunday night, and police arrived to find the ax stuck in the car windshield.

Via the Wisconsin State Journal:

The man was arrested for domestic related charges of disorderly conduct and damage to property, according to Police Chief Mike Koval who wrote about the incident in his daily blog.

“The suspect called 911 himself because of his actions in response to drinking too much and then overreacting when believing his wife had damaged some of his prized property (action figures),” Koval said.

“He then moved outside and smashed the family car, chopping off both side mirrors and eventually striking the windshield with such force that the ax became stuck,” Koval said.

It’s certainly not worth destroying actually important family items — and perhaps destroying a marriage — over action figures (maybe get a locking showcase if you’re so concerned about it?). But it’s a situation Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) can relate to (NSFW language).

[Wisconsin State Journal]

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