Warner Brothers had a big release this weekend with Kong: Skull Island, and a studio will usually attach an anticipated trailer to a big release in hopes of attracting a large audience. So it was a bit of a surprise that a new trailer for Wonder Woman wasn’t in front of Kong.

Now that so many movie trailers are released online, maybe that’s not quite the game plan anymore. As it turns out, however, Warner Bros. may have had a different debut in mind. The new Wonder Woman trailer arrived with Saturday’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

The previous two trailers established that this is an origin story for the Amazon princess, providing the background behind the photo seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and explaining what brought the third of DC Comics’ iconic trinity of superheroes to “Man’s World.” But this third preview goes deeper into the origin by showing Diana of Themyscira’s (Gal Gadot) upbringing and training. Take a look:

Director Patty Jenkins and cinematographer Matthew Jensen certainly make sure Wonder Woman’s home of Paradise Island lives up to its name, based on what’s shown here (and the previous trailer). The scenery looks fantastic, with bright colors, gorgeous landscapes and inspiring architecture.

But if Wonder Woman‘s elevator pitch was a comparison to Marvel’s Thor (from another world) and Captain America: The First Avenger (from another time), maybe this is a bit more Captain America in that we see a hero develop from the very beginning. We see Diana learning about the history of the Amazons, how she’s underestimated as a warrior because she’s the daughter of Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), pushed harder by their greatest fighter (Robin Wright) to realize that potential, yet there’s still some mystery about her true origins.

However, the true narrative is set in motion when Army pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes near Paradise Island and begins the clash between the Amazons and the soldiers fighting World War I. With that, Diana realizes there’s a whole other world beyond the island and a battle she needs to fight in order to defend the world. But there’s no lead up to a big reveal of Wonder Woman in costume, correctly presuming that most of us have seen what she looks like already.

Perhaps the most curious aspect of this third trailer is that we still don’t know who the villain of the story is. Danny Huston is the German general presumably leading the forces opposing the Allies, and he has someone (Maru, played by Elena Anaya) working for him who’s an expert in poison gas. Movie and comic book blogs have reported that a bigger, Olympian villain is ultimately at play, but that reveal is apparently being saved for the final film. Guess we’ll have to see the movie!

Wonder Woman will hit theaters on June 2.

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