Wonder Woman

The first trailer for DC Films’ Wonder Woman left us stunned with the sheer beauty, humor and action set to take place from the upcoming release. A second trailer premiered on Thursday, and by golly, somehow we’re even more excited than before.

The new trailer showcases Princess Diana of Themyscira’s origin story from Amazonian princess to Justice League member and superhero.

The film features Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), fighter pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), and the Amazonian army in the middle of World War I. The trailer teases epic battles and tragic losses. Trevor confides in the Amazonians to help take down enemy forces. Wonder Woman grabs her iconic shield and the Sword of Athena and agrees to be an ally for Trevor against the Central Powers and an unknown, partially masked villain.


The trailer shows off some incredible action sequences, including a back-alley thug takedown, Wonder Woman using her gauntlets to deflect bullets that once took down allies, and the harrowing gruesomeness of war. We’re shown sword fights, horse battles, wartime faceoffs, and Wonder Woman kicking some serious ass with her Golden Lasso and Bracelets of Submission. There’s no way Wonder Woman will be boring.


In perfect fashion, the trailer ends with the epic Wonder Woman theme and a little bit of humor about principles and early 1910’s nobility. Again, the trailer balances action and humor wonderfully.


DC has let viewers down immensely with the bloated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and misfire Suicide Squad. The reveals so far for proves Wonder Woman is set to break the losing streak. The film is directed by Patty Jenkins and comes out June 2, 2017.

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