The DC Extended Universe is unfolding on the big screen following the recent release and breakout success of Wonder Woman. The film has been a tremendous hit for the slumping DC cinematic master plan, and although it stood on its own as an independent film, there were still some neat little Easter eggs to tie it to the previous films in the DC universe.

One particular Easter egg, and perhaps the most obvious, calling back to Diana of Themyscira’s on-screen debut in Batman v Superman proved to be a challenge to pull off.

If you recall, there was an image of Diana and her allies from World War I shown in Batman v Superman, which also appears in the prologue and epilogue of Wonder Woman. The photo shown in last year’s superhero meltdown was shot on the set of Wonder Woman before any of the filming had begun.

It turns out the backdrop for the photo was shot on a half-built set, which meant the attention to detail for the photo needed to be taken very carefully as the set was constructed and the film was shot.

Ewen Brenner, who plays the rogue marksman Charlie, recalled the sequence of events in shooting the photo and how it later unfolded during the filming in an interview with Yahoo.

“That was the first thing that we shot, before we’d even shot a scene [for Wonder Woman] we shot that photograph. It meant that when we eventually got around to shooting the scene that the [photograph] is from, we had to really painstakingly recreate it. Because we [took the photo] against a half-built set, in a way sets were still being built at that point. So by the time we came around to filming that scene, probably around five months later, the sets were much more developed. So we had to find a way to recreate the exact same image after half a year had gone by.”

Comic book and movie fans tend to pick up on every little detail over time. Had this photo shoot gone wrong on either end, then Wonder Woman would have driven some fans a little crazier than is probably healthy.

But that just goes to show how well done the movie ended up being. The people behind the film, including director Patty Jenkins, knew how to do this movie the best way possible, and taking care of a little nugget like this proves once again just how awesome Wonder Woman is and that hope remains for the DC Extended Universe’s future.


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