It was originally just going to be a short-term pop-up restaurant.

We covered it back when it was in that planning stage. Plans changed, though, when Saved by the Max became a huge hit. The diner, which replicates the aesthetic of The Max from Saved by the Bell, features menu items like The Bayside Burger, Mr. Belding’s Fries, and Tori’s Fried Chicken. (Better hurry if you want to try that last one. You never know when it’ll disappear from the menu, never to be spoken of again.)

This is a solid idea, executed incredibly well. One look around their website and Facebook page, and you can tell how thoroughly they’re committed to the concept, which taps into an early ’90s nostalgia the same way that ’50s themed diners appealed to people in the ’80s. If you have $35, you can get the full experience of an appetizer, entree and dessert; or if you’re unable to get a ticket (they often sell out) you can wait in line for walk-in service at the bar.

This got us thinking, what other TV shows would have the best real-life restaurants or establishments? Who wouldn’t want to hang out at Cheers, or work out then relax at the Angel Grove Youth Center’s Gym and Juice Bar? (Actually, both of those probably exist in real-life somewhere.)

Which other fictional places would you like to be able to visit?


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