Apple and FX Networks are bringing The Simpsons to your Apple TV, giving you one more convenient way to access any episode of The Simpsons you ever wanted to watch at any time of the day.

“Simpsons TV” is a specially designed version of the FXNOW app that allows users to browse various channels of Simpsons content. While the headline focuses on The Simpsons, the deal between Apple and FX Networks also brings other hit shows like Fargo, American Horror Story, Archer, and The People Vs. O.J. Simpson to Apple TV through the FXNOW app’s enhanced presentation. So there is a little something for everyone, but fans of The Simpsons will benefit from this the most it seems. Previously, fans could watch Simpsons episodes on demand via Simpsons World. That mode will remain, giving viewers more choices.

There is a politically-inspired channel featuring any episode with a political twist to it (I like the episode where George H. W. Bush moves in next to the Simpsons, which was hilarious given Bush once suggested Americans should be acting more like The Waltons and less like The Simpsons). A couple summers ago FX ran the ultimate marathon of The Simpsons, airing every episode in the history of the franchise in chronological order. There may not be a plan to start airing that marathon again, but you can sit back and binge watch every episode with the “Every Simpsons Ever” channel. Best news ever.

In all, there are 10 different themed channels to choose from, so you have a playlist ready to access for any mood you may be in. The Springfield Shuffle is a random collection of episodes. Simpson Family Channel: Marge in Charge likely focuses on episodes where Marge comes to the rescue or is the main focal point of the episode. There is also a channel for a weekly playlist of selected episodes from FXX, which should mix things up on a regular basis to keep things interesting. And yes, there seems to be a channel dedicated solely to Springfield’s most friendly of left-handed neighbors, Ned Flanders (because everyone loves Ned Flanders).

Perhaps the best news of all though, especially for the purists out there, there is a channel that presents older episodes in their original full 4:3 ratio. When FX aired their Simpsons marathon, earlier episodes were distorted and formatted for HDTV with total disregard for the original standard aspect ratio. It may not have been a problem for some, but being able to soak in all of the jokes as initially intended is a plus for viewers.

So put down your Pokemon Go and go download the latest FXNOW app so you can start getting set for your own Simpsons marathon.

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