"Hangman" Adam Page

The end of AEW Dynamite turned serious as the main event had to be stopped early due to a potentially serious, and real, injury suffered by “Hangman” Adam Page.

In an AEW Championship match against champion Jon Moxley, the challenger Page took a lariat from Moxley while in the ring. Page landed on his neck and head and it was apparent that he wasn’t moving. The AEW broadcast originally didn’t notice anything different but once the ringside doctor entered the ring to evaluate Page, things got very serious, very quickly.

After about 30 seconds of laying motionless, “Hangman” could be seen moving his legs and rolling over but still visibly not doing well. Once it was clear something was wrong, the broadcast avoided showing Page receiving treatment while the commentary team was somber as they were filling time as the match had to be stopped with about 10 minutes before the top of the hour.

Moxley cut an impromptu promo to fill the rest of the time. Moxley said, “I hope and pray that cowboy Hangman Page recovers to 100%. Can walk again, can talk again, can play with his little baby again. And come perform for all you fans again.”

With a few minutes left in the show, it seemed like things got back to the planned ending which consisted of Maxwell Jacob Friedman coming out and setting up an AEW Championship match against Moxley at AEW’s next pay-per-view, Full Gear.

Chris Nowinski, a former pro wrestler turned neuroscientist who retired due to concussions and now has become an advocate for concussion awareness, addressed the situation and credited referee Paul Turner and Dr. Michael Sampson for their quick thinking.

Pro wrestlers from within AEW and other promotions, including WWE, tweeted their concerns and prayers for “Hangman” Adam Page.


It’s unfortunate it takes something as serious as this to bring everyone together but it is situations like this that reminds us that much of the pettiness and tribalism and toxicity that can rear its ugly head in the pro wrestling industry suddenly isn’t all that important when someone gets seriously injured. Hopefully “Hangman” can make a full recovery.

UPDATE: Adam Page has been diagnosed with a concussion, according to AEW.

“He was discharged, but will remain in AEW’s concussion protocol.”

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