Braun Strowman might be one of the best things going in WWE right now. How did the man mountain follow up his insane beatdown of Roman Reigns that included single-handedly tipping over an ambulance on Monday Night Raw this week? Let’s just say he took it upon himself to do some interior decorating.

Strowman started the evening by destroying wrestlers left and right demanding some serious competition. That’s when he was encountered by The Big Show backstage which obviously led to a match later in the evening because at least 67% of wrestling matches are made by whoever crosses paths in the backstage area.

In Monday Night Raw’s main event from Columbus, Ohio, Strowman and Big Show teased doing something spectacular a couple of times by going to the top rope. Finally, near the end of the match Strowman leapt to his feet with Big Show on the ropes and superplexed him down to the mat. The massive suplex sent the entire ring crashing down.

After you watch the video the first time, pay close attention to the referee flying out of the ring on second viewing.

Amazingly, Strowman got to his feet to end the show triumphantly. While seeing over 700 pounds of mankind bring the squared circle to the ground is a hugely impressive feat, it has happened before. Most notably, when Brock Lesnar did it to who else but The Big Show on an episode of Smackdown several years ago.

So now the only question remains is what the heck is left for Strowman to do next week for another encore? Maybe he’ll have a match against the entire Raw roster that will look like one of those exhibitions where professional soccer players are playing a game against 100 small children.

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