Some days, you sit at your computer and have no clue what kind of Internet gold will be unearthed. This is one of those days you come across something that is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

WWE legend Bret Hart is still spending time taunting stars in the world of wrestling, and on Friday, he used some props in a video making the rounds on the Internet. But these weren’t just any props seen in the ring.

The Hitman used a figurine of himself inspired by his guest appearance on The Simpsons to taunt Brock Lesnar. Not content with that, Hart also used his guest appearance from The Simpsons to taunt Ric Flair. This is just too good.

Oh my, that was unexpected and ever so enjoyable to watch.

Hart’s appearance on The Simpsons was a brief one, but as you saw in the brief clip in Hart’s video, he got a zinger in on Mr. Burns as the Burns mansion was being cleaned out. Here’s more of that clip.

On an unrelated note, how has Ric Flair not been on The Simpsons after all these years?

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