A fan tackled Bret Hart Saturday while Hart was giving a speech.

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn Saturday night saw an unexpected interruption to Bret Hart’s speech. Hart was speaking about his induction as part of the Hart Foundation with Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart (Hart was previously inducted individually in 2006) and sharing a story about Neidhart (who passed away in 2018) when a fan ran out of the crowd, jumped into the ring, and tackled the 61-year-old Hart from behind, sending Hart and Natalya (Neidhart’s daughter) crashing to the ground. Other wrestlers then jumped to Hart’s defense and grabbed the fan:

Here’s a further look at what happened afterwards, with wrestlers and security piling into the ring, jumping on the fan, and then escorting him out, and Hart eventually able to resume his speech:

The fan in question took some punches as he was dragged out (see around 0:17):

Viewers on WWE Network didn’t see any of this, though, as they cut to black as soon as the fan tackled Hart and didn’t return for about 10 seconds, and then only went to a crowd shot:

That’s quite the chain of events. Fortunately, Hart was okay and was able to finish his speech. But this certainly isn’t something you want to see.

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