On WWE Payback Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton squared off in a House of Horrors match. Instead, the match wound up being the horror because it was one of the worst ideas WWE ever conceived. And they had some incredibly stupid ideas over the years.

Despite the illusion of WWE trying to say it was live, the match inside the house was obviously taped. Seriously, the match started in the middle of the woods during the night even though the event was in San Jose and at 6:45 PM local time, was still daylight. The reaction to the match was about 99% negative with maybe 1% loving the match in a Sharknado “so bad, it’s good” way.

After the match, many tried to find where exactly this house was because we all assumed it wouldn’t within 20 minutes from San Jose. The actual house from the House of Horrors match is located about 45 minutes northeast of Kansas City and it’s for sale.

For just $36,000, you can buy a piece of WWE history. It may be from one of WWE’s low points in history but it’s history nonetheless. The real estate company selling the house don’t hide the fact that the house is a “fixer-upper.” 39115 Business 10 Hwy is being sold “as is” which makes sense because the new owner would need to clean up the refrigerator that’s tipped over in the kitchen.

Apparently this at least explained why it was dark at the time of the match. WWE must have access to a wormhole or hyperloop or something to get from Missouri to California in 20 minutes.

But back to the house, something tells me interest in this house picked up over the past 24 hours. Originally listed at $69,900 three years ago, the house has been marked down by nearly half. The property owner made a smart move allowing WWE to make it “Bray Wyatt’s house” and have a match in the house. It’s just not the property owner’s fault that the match was so terrible.


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