Although he had wrestled under such various pre-Attidue Era personas as Isaac Yankem DDS and the “Fake Diesel”, Glenn Jacobs became a top WWE star as the masked brother of The Undertaker, Kane. Although never quite reaching the cultural heights as Stone Cold Steve Austin or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kane was a backbone of WWE when it was at its peak during the Monday Night Wars era. And his longevity speaks for itself, even as recently as last month Kane was involved in a major storyline reuniting with former partner Daniel Bryan.

Of course, Kane hasn’t quite been as active as he used to be because as Jacobs has advanced in age, he has become more involved in business and politics. Jacobs’ work away from the ring has culminated in a run for the mayoral office in Knox County, Tennessee. After winning the Republican primary earlier this year, it was seen as a formality that Jacobs would eventually win the general election. On Thursday night, it became official as Jacobs was elected by his constituents.

Details via WBLR:

Glenn Jacobs, a Republican known to millions as Kane, won the election for Knox County mayor on Thursday, defeating Democratic nominee Linda Haney. Jacobs took an early 2-1 lead when early voting and absentee results were reported around 8:30 p.m. 

It was a much bigger victory for Jacobs than the primary, where he narrowly defeated Brad Anders by 23 votes.

Jacobs operates Jacobs Insurance Associates in Halls. He and his wife, Crystal, have lived in East Tennessee since 1995, and moved to Knoxville several years ago.

Of course, Jacobs is not the first WWE wrestler to make a high profile transition into politics. Jesse “The Body” Ventura served as the Governor of Minnesota from 1999-2003.

This likely means the end of Jacobs’ regular time as Kane in WWE. At least we’ll have such great memories as lighting The Undertaker’s casket on fire, setting Jim Ross on fire, and pretty much anything else to do with fire. Maybe you’d think twice about trying to debate him on public transit policies knowing that history.

It will be fascinating to see whether or not Jacobs continues to ascend through the political ladder. Who knows, perhaps the sky is the limit. After all, the current President of the United States is himself a WWE Hall of Famer, so why not Kane in the White House some day?