One of the iconic stars in WrestleMania history is hoping to make a return for WrestleMania 33. Hulk Hogan, in an interview with The Today Show on NBC, left the door open a crack for a possible return to the WWE ring.

“Never say never,” Hogan said in the Today Show interview when asked if he had thought about returning to wrestling, now that his latest legal issues are officially behind him.

To some, the torch at Wrestlemania has been passed from one generation of WWE superstars to the next.  Our Matt Yoder made such a comment in his WrestleMania roundup in suggesting the WWE now can look more to guys like Stone Cole Steve Austin and Mick Foley and others from the Attitude Era to make special guest appearances to please the fans. This has been the role filled by stars from Hogan’s prime era have filled, but the times are passing and now stars from the attitude era are the right blend of figures to come back and kick some ass, as Austin, Foley and Shawn Michaels did. Hogan, however, is a timeless star that spans eras. For now though, Hogan is left to simply provide his feedback on the stars of the day, like Triple H and Roman Reigns.

“Triple H has stood the test of time,” said Hogan. “When he is in the ring, everybody loves watching him wrestle. His work goes back to DX and the NWO–the more evil he is, the more the people cheer him. Wrestling is in his blood, and people know what to expect when he gets in the ring, so people cheer his ass.”

Hogan and Tripple H have had their battles in the WWE ring of course, but Hogan and Reigns have yet to cross paths. Hogan still has his eye on the latest WWE superstar and suggests he should embrace being the bad guy of this latest generation.

“If I was Roman Reigns, I would just listen to what the people want,” said Hulk Hogan. “If they want to boo me, then it’s like Razor Ramon would say–‘I’ll be the ‘Bad Guy’ for you.’ Roman Reigns should be as evil as he wants. If they’re booing him, then that’s what they want to see.”

Ramon made a perfect bad guy, and it worked for him. Every entertainment company needs an antagonist, and the WWE has done well in crafting heel status for stars. The WWE can also fuel a heel for a resounding turn when needed too. If the fans don’t like Reigns now, Hogan knows better than anybody that can turn around real quick when the time comes.

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