The internet has produced thousands and thousands of memes but one of the best in recent times has been the “RKO out of nowhere” meme starring WWE superstar Randy Orton. The RKO is probably the best finishing move in modern WWE and its so popular that it’s now making its way to professional sports celebrations.

Just watch this lacrosse player score a goal, race over to the sidelines, and then perform an RKO OUT OF NOWHERE on a young kid on the sideline. Another person on the sideline is even there with the presence of mind to count the three.

Come on announcers, you can’t no-sell a textbook RKO like that that!

I sure hope the dude on the sidelines was in on it that the RKO was coming because that could be pretty painful otherwise. More than that, though, I really really really hope the NFL allows this with their newly relaxed celebration rules. You just know Rob Gronkowski would be all over using wrestling moves to celebrate touchdowns instead of that boring old spike.

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