Throughout the years, Howard Finkel had been the in-ring voice of so many monumental WWE moments. You can’t picture some of the most legendary moments in pro wrestling history without hearing Finkel’s voice resonate throughout the arena. Finkel died at the age of 69.

“The Fink” began ring announcing for what was then known as the WWWF in 1977 and went full-time for the company in 1979. When the company became the WWF in 1980, Finkel was their first employee and was their longest tenured employee in the company, being the top ring announcer for their top shows and pay-per-views. If you really sat down and thought about Finkel’s career, he was announcing since before Vince McMahon took over the company and before Hulkamania. He announced through Hulkamania, as well as the New Generation and Attitude Eras. And even though he cut back on ring announcing, “The Fink” made appearances throughout the Ruthless Aggression Era and into the modern day.

From personal experience, the first WWE show I went to in-person was a house show in 2002. It wasn’t televised and all but Howard Finkel was the ring announcer and he made every match sound like it was the main event of WrestleMania. “The Fink” and his voice would really make a moment memorable. He was the man.

Finkel was much more than a ring announcer for WWE. He worked in the office throughout his tenure and came up with some ideas that we remember to this day. Finkel came up with the name “WrestleMania” and given it was almost called “The Colossal Tussle,” it’s probably thanks to Finkel that there’s still a WWE because I’m not sure the company would’ve lasted very long if the biggest show in the company was named “The Colossal Tussle.”

What might be Finkel’s lasting achievement in pro wrestling is that he was highly respected and liked throughout the industry. Pro wrestling is a business that can bring a lot of enemies and not too many friends but everyone seemed to like Finkel and lots of people paid tribute and their respects to the Hall of Famer and one of the pillars of pro wrestling.


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