The legendary WWE wrestler, Sting, may have entered the ring for the last time.

TMZ reports the 56 year-old performer is planning to retire next month at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Texas.

Sting was seriously injured back in September in a match against Seth Rollins during the “WWE Night of Champions.” Sting damaged his neck so badly that doctors were unable to give an initial prognosis, but eventually diagnosed him with cervical spinal stenosis.

Multiple doctors consulted Sting on the condition, and recommended he stay out of the ring — the risks for further trauma and complications are simply to high. Cervical spinal stenosis is a condition that affects the nerves and causes intense pain and discomfort. It is also the same condition that forced fellow wrestler, Edge, to retire in 2011. Stone Cold Steve Austin also suffered similar neck issues that forced him to retire as well.

Sting has been wrestling professionally since the late 1980s and after being in TNA for 11 years, Sting arrived at WWE in 2014. Definitely past his prime like he was in WCW in the 90’s, Sting still brought a popular presence with fans and was immediately cast in the main event spotlight, making his debut at Survivor Series to attack WWE executive and wrestling legend Triple H. While he wasn’t about to be an every week performer, Sting was a part of big storylines among the top talent and wrestle on events like WrestleMania and other high-profile wrestling events. Sting is apparently open to working with WWE in a non-contact role, like many other well-known pro wrestlers who have had to retire, but no decision or offer has been made.


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