Imagine running for mayor against someone who can do this:

The actual Kane, well Glenn Jacobs, is a bit more adapted to society than his WWE character. Instead of being the younger brother of The Undertaker, Jacobs actually runs an insurance company with his wife near Knoxville, Tennessee and is now interested in running for public office.

With his WWE career now nearing 25 years, the former WWE Champion is looking for another challenge than the WWE Championship and may possibly run for mayor in Knox County, Tennessee.

Jacobs has filed the necessary paperwork and appointed a treasurer. So it’s now down to actually getting the necessary signatures to get on the ballot and get ready for the election in May 2018.

Jacobs would be running as a Republican and as a small business owner in the area, “would focus on attracting jobs and businesses.”

If Jacobs were to run, he’s going to have some competition. WBIR names four people who are either considering running or are running which include the local sheriff, commissioner and GOP chairman.

I don’t know what chance those other people have in the mayoral race but if Kane decides to run, just remember what he’s capable of.

[WBIR/Photo: WWE]

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