Later this year, WWE’s Rhyno will be joining the long list of pro wrestlers or people within the wrestling industry to try their hand and hold public office.

Rhyno (real name Terry Gerin) has applied for State Representative in one of Michigan’s 110 districts. The current NXT wrestler announced his candidacy on his own Twitter account.

I don’t even need to hear his policies, I would vote for him simply for the suit.

Anyway, Rhyno follows in the footsteps of other former wrestlers and those involved in wrestling who have tried politics. Jesse Ventura comes to mind as the wrestler who has been most successful in the political world, becoming Minnesota Governor in 1999. Another notable, but less successful campaign involved former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, who tried and failed to become a U.S. Senator from Connecticut. Rhyno isn’t even the only wrestler getting into politics this year as retired wrestler Bill DeMott is considering a run to pass stricter DUI laws that came about when his daughter was killed by a drunk driver who was a previous DUI offender.

Rhyno will find out if he moves on to the November election after the primary in August. Until then, Rhyno, or Gerin, will be getting his campaign in order to go for a win.

[Uproxx/Photo: WWE]

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