Here is a hot, steaming pile of rumor and innuendo to chew on. Odds have been slashed that new LA Galaxy striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic will make a surprise appearance at WrestleMania 34 this Sunday. According to Oddschecker, some bookies have cut the odds of Zlatan making an appearance from 50/1 to 16/1.

In no way do I believe that this will ever actually happen, I’m only writing this to point out the absolute hilarity that bookmakers and people actually believing (and betting money) that Zlatan is going to be at WrestleMania. I don’t doubt that Zlatan is a professional wrestling fan, I’m sure he would love to be there. But there’s one very important detail that will likely prevent Zlatan from getting to New Orleans.

Zlatan has a game at the exact same time as WrestleMania. The LA Galaxy is set to take on Sporting Kansas City at StubHub Center at 9 PM ET Sunday night, while WrestleMania 34 is set to start at 7 PM ET. That’s going to be at both places, even for Zlatan so he’s probably staying in LA.

And for those who say that it would be more beneficial for MLS to have Zlatan miss an early season game to go to an event with worldwide attention for publicity reasons, that is true. But at the same time, their game is on FS1 and not only would Fox not want to lose that star power for a prime time national broadcast, the Galaxy probably don’t want to lose Zlatan either just for him to go to a wrestling event.

If anyone can bend the space-time continuum and be at two places at the same time, it’s Zlatan. But I would recommend not throwing your money away and accept that he’s going to be in LA for the Galaxy and not New Orleans.

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